Social Media

We recognize the growing importance and need for effective social media solutions. .


We recognize the growing importance and need for effective social media solutions. Our specialization in the field covers data and statistical analysis, app development, campaign strategizing, and social media management and monitoring across platforms.

Our analytical service includes tracking your brand or business on the digital platform; mentions, activities; engagement analysis provides you with information and direction on how to maximise online opportunities; and we also monitor customer activities in the same sphere to build profiles that can be useful in the development of future products, services and campaigns. IAS Solutions provides a 360° social media management solution: social media account administration and communications, app development and marketing.

It’s always easy to engage in social networking using Face book or Twitter accounts. However, achieving the total potential benefit of such media requires intuition and skill. We will help you promote your brand and make your presence felt on social media using tested methods that fit your industry.


Following are the essential outcomes expected of social media.

1. Creating general awareness and familiarity of your brand or products.
2. Lead generation and promotion.
3. Maintaining your network and expansion.
4. Providing customer service and engaging in "Active Social Listening and Response".
5. Tracking and monitoring customer behavior patterns. 
6. Providing access to new insights outside your market.
8. Supporting Search Engine Optimization efforts (SEO).


"The team at IAS Solutions did an excellent job with a social media campaign which increased our popularity and our sales volumes too.” " 

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